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8 Games We're Excited to Play in 2021

2021 is already well underway and there are lot of great-sounding games scheduled to be released this year. At Birdwood HQ we have already covered 12 games we are excited to play in 2021.

In this article I look at 8 more games that we are very excited to play this year. Let’s face it, 12 was never going to be enough.

Bonfire- Publisher: Hall Games - Designer: Stefan Feld

Ok, technically this was a 2020 game, but still! This was on my excited-to-play in 2020 list for the whole year.

A game about gnomes looking to light bonfires with point to point movement and set collection. What’s not to love?

Check out more here.


Descent: Legends of the Dark - Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games - Designer: Kara Centell-Dunk & Nathan Hajek

This is a chance to jump into Descent, the fantasy, co-op, dungeon crawler. It’s a big box, that comes with a big price tag. It’s full of miniatures and content.

The campaign utilises an app, so the game can be played without a dungeon master.

Descent has always been a game I have wanted to check out, now may be the perfect chance.

Check out more here.



Namiji - Publisher: Funforge - Designer: Antoine Bauza

The spiritual sequel to one of the best point to point movement games: Tokaido.

In Namiji, players are travelling around an archipelago. The game features gorgeous aquatic art.

Check out more here.


The Quacks of Quedlingburg: The Alchemists - Publisher: Schmidt Spiele - Designer: Wolfgang Warsch

This is an expansion to the base game of Quacks of Quedlingburg - my all time favourite push-your-luck game.

The game adds nightmares and hysteria to the town of Quedlingburg. Our trusty respectful doctors must try and alleviate the citizens of their afflictions.

Check out more here.


Ankh: Gods of Egypt - Publisher: CMON Limited - Designer: Eric Lang

As a lover of Blood Rage and a distant admirer of Rising Sun, I cannot wait to play this. Ankh looks like it builds on the area control themes of its predecessors.

Eric Lang + Egypt + amazing minis = sign me up.

Check out more here.


Jurassic World Miniature Game - Publisher: Exod Games - Designer: Antonin Barral

It feels to me that it is a great shame that more games do not contain dinosaurs. A Jurassic Park themed game that will enable me to paint dino minis is so many dreams rolled into one.

I can’t wait to see dinosaur vs dinosaur action in miniature form.

Check out more here.


Meadow - Publisher: Rebel Studios - Designer: Klemens Kalicki

An animal/nature themed game with stunning art is right up Lottie’s street.

Add to that drafting and set collection, this game is very high up on our list in 2021.

Check out more here.


Cubitos - Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group - Designer: John Clair

I am sold on the cover alone.

Cubitos sees players take part in the Cube Cup, competing in a fierce race. This game looks like a blast with dice rolling, push-your-luck, and amazing coloured dice

Check out more here.

What games are you looking forward to playing in 2021? Are there any you think I’ve missed?


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