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Announcing... Dog Park: New Tricks!

We’re proud to present the first boxed expansion for our bestselling board game, Dog Park

Your business as a local dog walker is booming! In Dog Park: New Tricks there are more dogs to walk - including rescues! - more places in the park to explore, and you’ve even hired a specialist trainer to help you expand your enterprise. 

With your trainer’s help, all the pups in your kennel have the potential to learn exciting skills, and even old dogs can learn new tricks! With locations opening up in the park too, there is much to explore…

Dog Park: New Tricks adds three major elements to the Dog Park board game: Multi-breed dogs, Trick training, and Super Locations. You are still trying to become the most accomplished walker by earning the most Reputation, but now you have more layers of strategy to explore and use to your advantage. This expansion also adds a fifth player, which can be played with or without New Tricks.   

Visit the Dog Park: New Tricks resources page.

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Coming to Kickstarter Summer 2023

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