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Can You Complete the New Tricks Kickstarter Treasure Hunt?

Detectives, assemble!

In the lead up to the Dog Park: New Tricks Kickstarter campaign - which is running from the 20th June to the 6th July - our pups have been running riot across the internet. While our dogs are all accounted for and ready to show off their new pals in the New Tricks expansion, we (literally!) have taken our eye off the ball with their favourite possessions. 

We need your help to track down four lost resources and reunite the good dogs of Dog Park with their sticks, balls, treats, and toys. 

New Tricks Treasure Hunt Icons

If you can find all of the missing resources scattered across the internet (and you'll know you've found one because they'll be marked with the treasure chest as above), you'll be entered to win an all-in 'Everything Dog Park' pledge which includes a Collector's Edition of Dog Park, a Kickstarter edition of Dog Park: New Tricks, and the Dogs of the World expansion pack. PLUS you'll get the Kickstarter-exclusive backer bundle complete with the Kickstarter Wilds promo pack!*

Are you ready, detective? You'll need the *virtual* nose of a Bloodhound for this one. 


Ready to go? Here's your first clue...

For this resource you will not have to go far.

Indeed, to this URL, you will not say au revoir. 

Just look for the broadcasts, the dispatches, the scoops,

And acquaint yourself with our new colourful troop.


Solved it? See if you can find this one...

Watch the blue bird fly high in the sky,

Over the forecast, its form swooping by.

Does it put you in mind of a similar bird?

One worth $43 billion, or so we've heard. 


Two for two? Let's hope third time's a charm...

Proven yourself shrewd, well roll up your sleeves,

You'll need to visit a new forum to follow this lead.

Find the home of designer, artist, publisher, and more. 

For this clue, your lucky number is four. 


Can you find them all? Here's your final clue...

The last resource is hiding 'neath the smaller of flicks,

A sampling manifestation to unveil our new tricks.

Don't waste your time with a wagon, a coach, or a motorhome too.

Think crimson, Detective, this is your last clue. 


Once you've tracked down all the resources, submit your treasure hunt entry on this submission page

You'll need to state what resource you found and exactly where you found them. For example, if you spotted a stick in the banner of the Dog Park Facebook group, you'd need to select 'Stick' on the submissions form and then write 'in the banner of the Dog Park Facebook group'. Then, before the end of the campaign, we'll randomly select a detective to award the all-in pledge prize!

Good luck!

The answers to the New Tricks Kickstarter Treasure Hunt will be revealed on the 5th July in the Dog Park: New Tricks Kickstarter update for that day. The winning detective will also be contacted on the 5th July. 

*Entries are eligible from detectives in all countries listed in the shipping table on the New Tricks Kickstarter page.

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