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Creating the Park: A Designer Diary on Board Game Geek

In my second Designer Diary published on Board Game Geek, I shared the process of developing the titular and central Park. It was quite a winding road to get to the final version, which you can see an early sketch of above. In the extract below, I describe my joy at receiving an image of the work-in-progress board.


Dog Park early sketches

One of Dann May’s early sketches of the Dog Park board. Dann is the graphic and product designer working on Dog Park.


The point-to-point movement Park had to undergo rigorous testing to get the balance of what was on offer to each player just right. And whilst I was working on that, Dann May [the graphic and product designer of Dog Park] was beginning to art direct the board. He shared my vision for the Park being an evocative greenspace: somewhere players could immerse themselves as they played. Even so, his art direction and graphic design for the board blew me away when he first shared it. Even in this early sketch, I wanted to jump in - Mary Poppins style.

- Lottie Hazell, Designer Diary 2: Creating the Park (Source:
You can read the full Designer Diary here. And for more information about Dog Park, click here.

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