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The Best Instagram Feeds for Game Lovers

When we're scrolling on Instagram there's one thing we want to see, and that's board games. If you're looking for some new accounts to follow, how about one of these? 

Did we miss your favourite? Share it with us on Instagram @birdwoodgames

Todd @imagineallthemeeple

Three reasons to follow Todd. 1: Absolutely gorgeous photography. 2: A peek at his life as a freelance board game photographer. 3: Some of the funniest tabletop reels out there on the internet. If you haven't seen the reel above, brace yourself for a laugh. It still gets me. 

Jen and Rolly @board4two

If you're looking for reviews on games that shine at two players, Jen and Rolly are your people. Expect a great sense of humour and fun content series like their #boardgamefaceoff Battle of the Boards. 

Karolina and Markus @familyofboardgames

Following Karolina and Markus feels like following a couple of friends on their gaming journey. In addition to wonderful photography, they share in-depth reviews of the games they play, their scores, and even a music pairing! Expect a wide range of games too - as Karolina and Markus have two children they sometimes post about games appropriate for younger players. 

Ilya and Tylor @kovraystudios

How can you resist the expressive faces of Ilya, Tylor, and their sweet pets? Turns out, you can't. As Kovray they cover a range of retail and crowdfunding games - I can always count on them to introduce me to something new. Seeing their Instagram posts is my favourite way to find out they have a new video on their YouTube channel

Jenna @jennarosebeasley

Jenna's feed is full of blissful images of the board games she's enjoying and her dog, Penny - sometimes at the same time! Follow along for very chilled out posts.


And finally, we have three publishers that we love to follow on Instagram, too.

Check out @gamelygames for a cool insight into an indie British board game company.

@jameystegmaier is a must-follow for his insightful takes on the games he's playing and the photos of his cats.

@bigpotatogames is a brilliant mix of behind-the-scenes and tickling reels.

Of course, you can always follow us, @birdwoodgames, for the latest on what we're playing and publishing, too. 

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