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The Dog Park: New Tricks Kickstarter Wilds

The Dog Park: New Tricks Kickstarter campaign is running from the 20th June to the 6th July. While every component in Dog Park: New Tricks is already upgraded to its fullest in order to match the quality of Dog Park, we still love to give our backers something to say thank you for being on the ride. So along with a few other goodies we’ll be gifting each backer a very special promo pack of 7 cards: The Kickstarter Wilds! 

The Dog Park New Tricks Kickstarter Wilds

Every backer will have a chance to submit their dog to feature on a Kickstarter Wild card and we’ll be randomly selecting dogs over the next two weeks. Stay tuned for more information and your opportunity to have your dog featured throughout the campaign.


How can I submit my dog?

You can submit your dog on our submissions portal here

I don't have a dog, but I do have a friend's dog/favourite dog/previous much-loved dog that I'd like to submit. Can I do that?

Yes, of course. All backers are welcome to enter a dog and that does not mean they need to be that dog's current owner. You will need to have consent of the dog's owner and ensure the reference image you submit is not copyrighted. And, remember you can only submit one dog, so choose wisely! 

How will the Kickstarter Wilds be selected?

We'll be randomly selecting dogs from the submission form over the campaign. See the Event Calendar on the Kickstarter page for the days we'll be revealing Wilds. In order to maintain the breed group balance in Dog Park (which is maintained with the addition of any and all expansions), we will need to be selective on the breed groups of the chosen Kickstarter Wilds. For example, we couldn't feature only seven Gundogs, even if that's what our random selection returned. We will intervene in selection only to retain breed group balance in the game. Consequently, Kickstarter Wilds chosen later in the campaign will likely have to take into account the Wilds breed categories that have already been selected.

In short, the earlier you submit your dog, the more chance you have of them being chosen!

Will the Kickstarter Wilds be single or Multi-breed dogs? 

We expect it will be a combination. It depends on the dogs submitted and our work in maintaining the breed group balance. Purebred and Multi-breed dogs are both equally welcome for entry. 

What will the Kickstarter Wilds' abilities be? 

To be revealed! The Wilds will feature never-seen-before abilities and to give players who have the promo a special and unique game experience. 

This all sounds great! What do I have to do to be eligible?

Head over to the Dog Park: New Tricks Kickstarter page, choose a reward to back, and then head over to the submissions portal to enter once it's open.

Please note, only those who have backed a game pledge (so that's every pledge excluding 'Join the Walk') will be eligible to enter the Kickstarter Wilds draw. This is to ensure that, should a backer be lucky enough to get their dog in the game, they actually have a copy of the game itself! 

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