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The “Gateway+” game dog-lovers have been waiting for: Announcing Dog Park

Birdwood Games Announces New Dog Park Board Game Coming to Kickstarter
A beautiful "gateway+" game about collecting, caring for, and walking dogs.
"Point-to-point movement" and "set collection" mechanics designed by Lottie Hazell
Game Design: Lottie and Jack Hazell
Art: Holly Exley, Dann May, and Kate Avery
Play Age: 10+ | Player Count: 1-4 | Play Time: 40-80 Minutes

Dog Park is the competitive, mid-weight board game dog-lovers everywhere have been waiting for. Designed by Lottie and Jack Hazell, it features over 160 dogs illustrated by watercolour artist, Holly Exley.

In Dog Park, players take on the role of dog walkers recruiting, walking, and caring for their dogs over four rounds. In each round, players will journey through the Dog Park to collect resources, earn reputation, and interact with their fellow walkers. Players must choose their routes and dogs carefully to earn the best reputation and prove they are the most accomplished walker of them all.

“As a dog-obsessive, I knew my debut board game design would be about dogs,” said Lead Designer and Birdwood Games co-founder, Lottie Hazell. “I was inspired by the daily, joyful routine of walking my own dog and I wanted to replicate and share that experience with players around the world.”

Dog Park is the first title Lottie and I are producing for our publishing company, Birdwood Games”, said Jack Hazell, designer and co-founder. “Through working with Dann May of Quillsilver Studio, we have created a really beautiful product that we are proud to be launching later this year.”

Dog Park will be launching on Kickstarter in September 2021 with two editions: Standard and Collector’s.

The Collector’s edition of Dog Park will include upgraded silkscreened components, illustrated player boards, a deluxe slipcase, a Famous Dogs expansion pack (29 additional dog cards), and a European Dogs expansion pack (29 additional dog cards). Including the dog cards in both expansion packs, Dog Park features every dog recognised by the UK Kennel Club.

Dog Park Kickstarter page
Dog Park press kit
Dog Park on Board Game Geek

Notes to editors:

  • Described as “Gateway+”, Dog Park is a set-collection and point-to-point movement game suitable for new and experienced players alike.
  • Lottie and Jack Hazell, the designers of Dog Park and co-founders of Birdwood Games, are married and live in Warwickshire, England.
  • In addition to designing board games, Lottie is a writer, marketing consultant to the book publishing industry, and is undertaking a creative writing PhD.
  • The Collector’s edition of Dog Park will feature every dog recognised by the UK Kennel Club (as of 2020).
About Birdwood Games: Birdwood Games is a female-led publisher based in the UK. They are committed to creating games that are easily played by families and friends and deliver a joyful experience for all players. Dog Park is their first title. Find out more at

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