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Forever Home

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Welcome to Forever Home, the puzzly pattern-building game about second chances for shelter dogs.

Using a combination of tile placement, set collection, and drafting, you and your friends take on the role of shelter workers. Take it in turns to bring dogs into your shelter, complete training cards, and match pups up with new families. You’ll be competing for valuable shelter commendations - as well as gaining reputation for training and rehoming the dogs in your care. At the end of the game, the shelter worker with the most reputation wins! 

Featuring quick and simple turns; a unique solo mode; and a second advanced side to the player board, Forever Home is a replayable, easy-to-love abstract game.

Every purchase supports shelter dogs

Additional information

• 1 Shelter Commendation Board
• 5 Player Boards
• 13 Home Cards
• 50 Training Cards
• 20 Solo Trainer Challenge Cards
• 1 Solo Round Tracker Cube
• 1 Cloth Bag
• 98 Dog Tokens
• 7 Screen Printed Wooden Dog Meeples
• 1 Scorepad
• 1 Rulebook

Forever Home Resource Page
Rulebook PDF Download - Coming Soon!
Board Game Geek - Coming Soon!
Facebook Group - Coming Soon!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

It's a lighter, simpler game than Dog Park, but it's quite fun and I love the theme!


Really fun game with amazing art. Perfect for the light game dog lover!!


Good, simple game. Great for pet lovers and a nice gateway game.

Timothy Rook
Great game for shelter volunteer!

This was a Christmas gift for a friend who is a gamer and volunteers at an animal shelter. We've only played it once but it was easy to figure out the game play and we had lots of fun with it. Quality product and consruction.


Fun game.
Involves Pattern building
Card drafting and
Resource Drafting.
Plus the theme is getting dogs to their Forever Homes.

It’s very quick and easy to learn to play and play.

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