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Introducing ‘Breed Expert’: A Designer Diary on Board Game Geek


In my third Designer Diary on Board Game Geek, I delve into the ‘Breed Expert’ awards that dictate the set collection in Dog Park. Set collection simply means to score points in a game you have to collect sets of things - these are often cards. In Dog Park, players collect sets of dog cards in their breed category (e.g. Toys or Hounds). In the extract below I describe how the Breed Expert cards (pictured above) are used in the game.

At the beginning of each game, seven cards are shuffled and then placed on the Breed Expert section of the board. Each of these cards represents one of the seven breed categories of dog that is recognised by the UK Kennel Club: these include Gundog, Hound, and Toy. At the end of the game, the person with the most dogs in each breed category wins the corresponding victory points. Simple enough, but eight victory points can be quite the game-changer in Dog Park so competition can be fierce for the highest awards. Although of course, that may mean that one person can scoop up several of the lesser awards if everyone else has been distracted by the allure of eight victory points!

- Lottie Hazell, Designer Diary 3: Introducing ‘Breed Expert’ (Source:

You can read the full Designer Diary here. And for more information about Dog Park, click here.

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