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Keeping an Eye on the Forecast: A Designer Diary on Board Game Geek


To celebrate the fact there is now only three weeks until we launch Dog Park on Kickstarter, I’ve posted another Designer Diary on Board Game Geek. In this article, I dive into the Forecast and Location Bonus cards. I’ve grouped these two together because both cards are tied to single rounds in the game before being discarded and replaced. This means they offer some cool round-to-round variation. In the extract below I detail how the Forecast cards work and my inspiration for them:

The four Forecast cards on the board activate over the four rounds of the game, behaving similarly to round effects. They are shuffled in setup and placed on the board in easy view of all players. They offer boons and penalties during the round in which they are active and as the Forecast is visible from the beginning of the game, players can plan to leverage the bonuses they offer. Kind of like packing an umbrella for when the weather looks like it’s going to be rainy. Kind of.

- Lottie Hazell, Designer Diary 4: Keeping an Eye on the Forecast (Source:

You can read the full Designer Diary here. And for more information about Dog Park, click here.

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