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Unboxing the Dog Park Prototype

Some incredibly exciting post arrived last week - a prototype copy of Dog Park!

We worked with Kartyagyar to create a very limited run of prototype copies so some of our previewers could make video content. We also received a copy so we could review the physical specs of the game and ensure everything was working together as we had envisioned. It’s also pretty wonderful just to hold a copy that I haven’t stuck together myself!

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This prototype is a good indication of what the final game will look like. There will be some small design differences (the walker meeples will be screen printed for example, and the many of the components will be upgraded for the Collector’s Edition of the game), however this prototype features all the final art and most of the final design. Haven’t our artists done a fantastic job? Holly Exley, Dann May, and Kate Avery are such talents.

You can get a closer look at the Dog Park prototype by watching the video below.

It’s now less than one month until we launch Dog Park on Kickstarter. The best way to secure your own copy of the game is to sign up to the Dog Park Kickstarter page. By doing this, you’ll be the first to be notified when Dog Park is available to back.

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