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Dog Park - Collector's Edition

Dog Park is a 1-4 player game about collecting and walking all your favourite dogs.

As local dog walkers, you and your friends are trying to set tails wagging by taking the neighbourhood pups on a trip to the dog park. Over four rounds you’ll have the chance to earn the reputation of the best dog walker around by adding dogs to your kennel, walking them through the park, and navigating your fellow walkers along the way.

Choose your dogs and routes carefully to earn the best reputation, win the game, and prove you are the most accomplished walker of them all!

Have your treats and toys packed? Let’s go to the park!

The Collector’s Edition of Dog Park upgrades all the wooden components to feature screenprinting, adds four kennel boards, and two expansions – European Dogs and Famous Dogs – adding 58 brand new dog cards.

Every purchase supports Guide Dogs

Additional information

• 163 Unique Dog Cards (Click here to see which dogs feature in Dog Park)
• 4 Lead Boards
• 1 Game Board
• 4 Screen Printed Wooden Walker Meeples
• 4 Screen Printed Wooden Dog Reputation Markers
• 100 Wooden Resource Tokens
• 1 Screen Printed Wooden First Walker Token
• 1 Screen Printed Wooden Bird Round Tracker
• 50 Walked Tokens
• 5 Location Tokens
• 4 Offer Dials
• 1 Custom Wooden Dice
• 8 Player Aid Cards
• 4 Solo Objective Cards
• 16 Location Bonus Cards
• 10 Objective Cards
• 11 Forecast Cards
• 7 Breed Expert Cards
• 1 100-page Scorepad
• 2 Custom Component Game Trayz
• 1 Rulebook

Plus! Collector's Editions Components:

• 1 Famous Dogs Expansion Pack (29 Unique Dog Cards)
• 1 European Dogs Expansion Pack (29 Unique Dog Cards)
• 4 Kennel Boards
• And includes upgraded wooden components!

What the press are saying

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Steven Brown
Really enjoyable game

Our family love dogs, and this seemed like the perfect game for us.

The dogs on the cards cover a great range, and we loved bidding against each other for our favourites.

We had one game that we enjoyed but we didn't really immediately get the mechanic. That was all it took to get to grips with it, the 2nd game was great fun, and we starting trying to see how would shape our kennels to win big at the great.

Love it!

Josh Allen
Amazing game

Bought as a Christmas present for my sister, it went down really well.
The game is presented beautifully, the rules are simple and easy to learn however the game still very strategic.
Everyone loved the game as its was fast paced and fun, plus we all love dogs!

I highly recommend this game its a great addition to any family or friends game night.

James Smith
Family favorite

Such a wonderful game. It is already in our top 10 games. Easy to learn but so much fun. It is different everytime. The artwork is absolutely beautiful.

Kenneth Lo
Must have for Dog Lovers!! Easy for non-gamer to get into.

My wife is a non-board-gamer, but a dog lover, while I am a board game enthusiast. It is hard to find a game that both of us and the family (3 grown-up kids) will enjoy. But THIS is the game for it. When I first heard about this, I instantly know that my wife would enjoy it and so purchased it immediately. The game arrived a week later and we instantly fell in love. The components are cute and beautiful. The mechanic are solid and the game play is a blast. It have the perfect time duration that capture the interest of a non-gamer, and the details and meat to capture the interest of a board-gamer. Five Star and fully recommended.

Julien Courchesne
Amazing !!

Good quality, simple rules, awesome gameplay!

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