Welcome hundreds of dogs to your game night!

Dog Park - Standard Edition

Dog Park is a 1-4 player game about collecting and walking all your favourite dogs.

As local dog walkers, you and your friends are trying to set tails wagging by taking the neighbourhood pups on a trip to the dog park. Over four rounds you’ll have the chance to earn the reputation of the best dog walker around by adding dogs to your kennel, walking them through the park, and navigating your fellow walkers along the way.

Choose your dogs and routes carefully to earn the best reputation, win the game, and prove you are the most accomplished walker of them all!

Have your treats and toys packed? Let’s go to the park!

Every purchase supports Guide Dogs

Additional information

• 163 Unique Dog Cards (Click here to see which dogs feature in Dog Park)
• 4 Lead Boards
• 1 Game Board
• 4 Screen Printed Wooden Walker Meeples
• 4 Screen Printed Wooden Dog Reputation Markers
• 100 Wooden Resource Tokens
• 1 Screen Printed Wooden First Walker Token
• 1 Screen Printed Wooden Bird Round Tracker
• 50 Walked Tokens
• 5 Location Tokens
• 4 Offer Dials
• 1 Custom Wooden Dice
• 8 Player Aid Cards
• 4 Solo Objective Cards
• 16 Location Bonus Cards
• 10 Objective Cards
• 11 Forecast Cards
• 7 Breed Expert Cards
• 1 100-page Scorepad
• 2 Custom Component Game Trayz
• 1 Rulebook

What the press are saying

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Raymond Fischer
Amazing family and friends game

My wife, 10-year old son and I play this several times a week together. All of our friends have either played with us or heard us rave about this game.

We are dog lovers and the incredible art work is what caught our eye in the board game store. Playing the game is what made us fall in love with this game. So much variability and scoring methods make this game fun. Also, individual player actions affects everyone’s strategy so it’s a very dynamic game with fluid changes in your plan.

This was an unexpected purchase that is a staple in our household now. We have been looking for the collectors edition to upgrade or just a way to upgrade our game pieces and kennels. This is a must buy game!

Cara J.
Fun & Beautiful!

My husband and I love playing deck building games like this. The game is beautifully illustrated, and it was easy to learn while still being strategic to play. We loved learning about dogs we have never heard of and the fun little facts that are at the bottom of each card. We played two times already and had so much fun! Definitely recommend!

David L Malone
Love it..played solo to get idea of play

I love the Game easy to get in an play right off.
Played solo to get feel of Game now going see if my girlfriend might get into it. Sge a animal lover so think she will.
Give it 5 stars it easy to learn and play and love the storage works well repacking after game

Ray Stewart
Dog Park

Excellent game. Soooo many dog varieties keeps game changing.
Easy to learn. Will take a while to learn benifits of all cards

Karolina Mattsson
A gem for dog lovers.

Stunning game for anyone who loves dogs! It's fun and easy to get into. Wish some small details on rules would have been clarified better but overall a good time!

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