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5 Board Games to Play this Spring

As a designer, I often find inspiration in the changing seasons. The harvests of autumn, the challenges of winter, the growth of spring - all of these can be gamified in one way or another. My groaning game shelves tell me that I’m not alone in receiving this inspiration, as I own and love several brilliant games that also draw on the narratives of the seasons. Here are five of my favourites that I especially enjoy playing during the spring.

Photosynthesis Photosynthesis - Publisher: Blue Orange | Designer: Hjalmar Hach
The trees are quietly growing, competing for sunlight and developing their beautiful foliage. In Photosynthesis players strategize to try and get their trees the most access to the light. Players must think spatially to succeed, which makes this a very memorable game. 
Meadow - Publisher: Rebel Studio | Designer: Klemens Kalicki
Explore a flourishing meadow in this competitive, set-collection game. The beautiful, hand painted illustration of Karolina Kijak really enhances the experience of Meadow.
 Bee Lives Bee Lives - Publisher: Hit ‘Em With a Shoe | Designer: Matt Shoemaker
The perfect game for nature-lovers and aspirational beekeepers alike, Bee Lives asks its players to manage and maintain their own hives. Players’ hives have to adapt to changes in weather, disease, and even a change in queen. It is a charming, educational, and challenging game.
Haven - Publisher: Red Raven Games | Designer: Alf Seegert
Submerge yourself in the greenery of Haven for a magical two-player experience. In Haven, you and your opponent battle for control of a beautifully illustrated, mystical forest. The game utilises area majority, hand management, and push your luck mechanisms to great effect.
 Papillon Papillon - Publisher: Kolossal Games | Designer: J.B. Howell
‘Spring has arrived, and the world is in bloom’, the box of Papillon proclaims. In this highly-visual tile-drafting and tableau-building game, players are trying to attract butterflies to flowers in their garden. This simple game boasts an impressive table presence, with 3D flowers and clip-on butterflies.


Do you gravitate towards games like these during springtime? If so, what is your favourite?

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