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5 Great Solo Games

Developing a solo mode for a game provides an interesting challenge. The game needs to respond to a player and can’t rely on other players to create tension. There needs to be a feeling of intelligence and challenge from the game to drive players to complete it.

A solo game can sometimes feel like one of those chess puzzles that you get in the back of newspapers. How can you get check mate in 4 moves? A combination of knowledge and process of elimination. But I also like a solo game that feels like an experience with ups and downs of a narrative.

Here are 5 games that I often go to for a solo experience.

That's pretty clever

That’s Pretty Clever! (Ganz Schon Clever) designed by Wolfgang Warsch

This roll and write is a fast paced blast. It is certainly puzzle-like as you try to tick off certain values to create the best combos and get the highest score. The randomness of the dice rolls make this infinitely replayable and each experience different. You will want to keep trying to best your score.

Terraforming Mars designed by Jacob Fryxelius

No surprise that a fantastic game has a fantastic solo mode. Terraforming Mars by yourself is a big challenge. At first you will think its unfair and even impossible, but with each play you will improve and create better combinations. Winning your first solo version of this game is extremely satisfying.

Terraforming Mars

Onirim designed by Shadi Torbey

Players are attempting to escape from their dreams whilst being pursued by Nightmares. Despite just being a deck of cards, Onirim manages to capture the feeling of a looming threat. The game is easy to set up and can taken anywhere, making it a perfect solo game.

Everdell designed by James Wilson

A solo worker placement game? In Everdell solo you are up against Rugwort the rat. This fiendish rat will block up spaces, take cards, and complete events. A simple solo mode which allows you to have a competitive Everdell experience by yourself.

 Friday - A solo adventure

Friday designed by Friedemann Friese

This deck builder should be a staple of any solo collection. Survival on a hazardous island is dependent on how well you manage your resources and risks. Play it too safe and you will not have enough power to defeat the end game bosses. Play too risky and the island will eat you for breakfast.


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