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Designer Diary 6: Developing the Two Player and Solo Game


As there is just over a week left until Dog Park goes live on Kickstarter, this will be my last Designer Diary entry on Board Game Geek for now. In this post, I discuss developing the two and solo player experiences. As I play most of my leisure games at two players, I really wanted to nail this mode. In the extract below I talk about some of the problems I encountered during development.

Dog Park naturally developed as a 3-4 player game and as such I had a decision to make when it came to working on the 1-2 player experiences. Should I try to simulate the 3-4 gameplay or create something different for these lower player counts? The results truly are a mixture of the two options. Although in order to achieve engaging results at both player counts first I had to grapple with two main issues: too little choice and too much space.

- Lottie Hazell, Designer Diary 6: Developing the Two Player and Solo Game (Source:

You can read the full Designer Diary here. And for more information about Dog Park, click here.

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