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The Path to Dog Park: A Designer Diary on Board Game Geek

Rupert and I conducting crucial, daily research for Dog Park.

As we count down the weeks to our Kickstarter launch in September this year, I’ll be publishing a series of Designer Diaries on Board Game Geek, which will dig into my inspiration for the game and some of the core design concepts. In my first Designer Diary I shared the journey we’ve been on so far to create the game. You can read an extract below:

My husband and I have been walking our springer spaniel, Rupert, every day since he became part of our family in 2019 (the dog, not the husband). [...] This joyful daily routine was the spark of inspiration for Dog Park, my debut board game to be published by Birdwood Games. I wanted to capture the pleasurable experience of caring for a dog, walking together, and noticing and admiring other dogs on your journey. [...] I have also always gravitated towards games that have animals at their heart. I have spent my adult gaming life playing Everdell, Wingspan, and Oceans. I also love immersing myself in games that take me on a journey, preferably to somewhere green, like PARKS, Haven, and Great Western Trail.

- Lottie Hazell, Designer Diary 1: The Path to Dog Park (Source:

To read the entire entry, you can visit the Board Game Geek website here. For more information about Dog Park, click here.

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