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Birdwood at GAMA Expo 2023

This year Birdwood Games made its debut at the GAMA Expo, a US-based trade show for the tabletop games industry. Jack and I - the co-founders and designers behind Birdwood - were proud to represent our publisher and show our hit first title Dog Park; our upcoming title Forever Home; and an exclusive look at the first boxed expansion for Dog Park, Dog Park: New Tricks

Birdwood Games GAMA Expo booth

Putting together the Birdwood booth

We made the trip from the UK to Reno (complete with suitcases full of banners and board games!) and were glad to connect with so many partners and friends we had previously only been in contact with digitally. 

We were busy over the four day conference hosting our booth and meeting retailers, media, wholesalers, designers, and other publishers. It was such a pleasure to hear how well Dog Park has been received by our retail partners. We heard the same feedback when we shared our company history and catalogue of games in a speed presentation (a new format designed by GAMA for newer publishers).

It was such a pleasure to hear how well Dog Park has been received by our retail partners.

We came away from the expo feeling extremely grateful that we have so many wonderful champions for our games across the retail space. Connecting with partners new to our games was also a complete joy in its own way - we're always excited to share our titles with new folks! 

Forever Home: A Game of Second Chances for Shelter Dogs

Forever Home set up for quick demos at the Birdwood booth

We also enjoyed showing Dog Park, Forever Home, and New Tricks at the newly introduced Media First Look night and meeting some internet friends in person (Ilya and Tylor of Kovray and James of Little Meeples to name only a few!). Jack also demoed Forever Home at Game Night and enjoyed introducing players to its thinky, replayable playstyle. All of these interactions made us all the more excited and invigorated to launch Forever Home this autumn. 

Despite the long journey to Nevada, attending GAMA in 2023 has been an invaluable experience for Birdwood and we look forward to exhibiting at more conventions in the future. 

Lottie and Jack Hazell at the Birdwood Games booth at GAMA Expo

Lottie and Jack Hazell at GAMA Expo 2023

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