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New to Kickstarter? The publishers at Birdwood explain why they use this platform to launch their new games with step-by-step instructions of how become a backer.
Dog Park designer Lottie Hazell delves into her development bag of tricks to explore the trainer and trick cards in the New Tricks expansion.
Dog Park designer Lottie Hazell takes a closer look at the Multi-breed dogs of the New Tricks expansion.
Dog Park designer Lottie Hazell discusses the design intentions for the New Tricks expansion.
We're proud to introduce our board game café scheme, in which we will donate one copy of each of our games to café libraries. 

Read about the experiences of Jack and Lottie Hazell, founders of Birdwood Games, as they exhibited at GAMA Expo 2023.

Welcome multi-breed pups to your pack, train dogs old and new, and explore the expanding park with up to 5 players.
Discover some of 2022's best board games in this family-friendly list featuring Dog Park, Flamecraft, Verdant, and more!

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