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From trustworthy reviewers to hilarious reel-makers, here are some of our favourite tabletop accounts.

Learn more about the design process of Dog Park by reading all of Lottie’s Designer Diaries on Board Game Geek.

Watch the trailer video for Dog Park, which will be launching on Kickstarter on 14th September 2021.

Read Lottie’s final Designer Diary on Board Game Geek before Dog Park launches on the 14th September.

Learn more about the dogs cards and the player areas in Dog Park with Lottie’s most recent Designer Diary.
Lead Designer of Dog Park, Lottie Hazell, shares a designer diary about the Forecast and Location Bonus cards in the game.
Join Birdwood Games co-founder and Lead Designer of Dog Park, Lottie Hazell, as she unboxes a prototype copy of the game.
Take our quick, five question quiz to discover which dog is your true spirit animal.

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